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We are focused on creating games that players love to play, wherever they love to play them, across the globe! Our brilliant hardware, industry-leading systems, and proprietary table game products provide an unmatched experience that will delight players and keep them coming back for more.


Players are going to love the Kascada™ for its innovative double-curve, ultra-high-definition display, enhanced iDeck™, enveloping soundbar, and alluring lighting effects that create an immersive gaming experience. Featured titles include Coin Combo™ and Duo Fu Duo Cai®.

Quartz Standalone

Dragon Tail Baccarat on the Quartz™ standalone single player terminal, showcases an exciting new baccarat game available only on the fully redesigned Quartz cabinet. Game play is displayed on a 26.5” LCD touchscreen, with game and trend tracking presented on a 21.5” LCD top screen.


The show stopping MDX™ multi-deck shuffler has the capacity to shuffle one to 10 decks of cards. It is also the first device on the market capable of sorting multiple decks of cards, with a one to 10 deck sorting capacity.

Unified Wallet

Unified Wallet is powering a cashless gaming experience by giving players the power to instantly access funds on a mobile app to play both slots and tables. This allows players to easily tap into thrilling game play while using a safe and secure wagering option.