The web pages linked herein (collectively, “Trademark Lists”) contain non-exhaustive lists of trademarks owned or controlled by Light & Wonder, Inc. or one or more of its directly or indirectly wholly owned companies (collectively, “Light & Wonders”). A trademark can be a word, phrase, symbol, or design that distinguishes the source of goods and/or services. Also, as trade dress, it can be the appearance of a product or its packaging, including size, shape, color, texture, graphics, and appearance, including the look and feel of Light & Wonder’s games and certain individual components and displays thereof.

All ® notices identified in the Trademark Lists signify marks registered in the United States. The Trademark Lists are not an exhaustive listing of the trademark rights of Light & Wonder. For example, the Trademark Lists do not include all of Light & Wonder’s trademark applications and registrations, including logos and design marks, in the United States and international jurisdictions. The Trademark Lists also do not include certain common law (unregistered) trademark rights owned by Light & Wonder. The absence of a product or service name or logo from any Trademark List does not constitute a waiver of Light & Wonder’s trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that name or logo. Light & Wonder reserves the right to update the Trademark Lists at any time. 

Trademark Usage Guidelines:  When using the marks in publications that will be distributed in the United States, include the appropriate ™ or ® symbol on first use, and include the following disclaimer in the document: “All ® notices signify marks registered in the United States.” This notice should, when applicable, precede the standard copyright notice “© 2024 Light & Wonder, Inc. All rights reserved.” For publications that are specific for distribution outside the United States, the Legal Department should be contacted to confirm proper markings. In the text of all publications, please include an appropriate generic term (e.g., game, system) after the trademark on first use, where appropriate. Thereafter, the generic term should appear frequently with the trademark. Trademarks are adjectives and should not be made into verbs, made plural, or made possessive.

If you have any questions regarding intellectual property owned by, or under license to or from, Light & Wonder, Inc., please contact the Light & Wonder, Inc. Legal Department at:

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