Game Changers for our People - DEI

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Light & Wonder, we’re passionate about living our values and championing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in all that we do. We are focused on fostering a highly inclusive company and have identified priorities that advance DEI not only within our walls, but across the global communities where we are proud to work and live. We know that diverse teams produce great results, and we continue to focus on building the right policies, educational opportunities and programs that contribute to a culture of belonging, while honoring and celebrating the vast cultural perspectives of our workforce.    

As part of our commitment to DEI, we have an established DEI Council and DEI Task Force that work to drive various initiatives across Light & Wonder to ensure Diversity is embedded in our company culture and how we operate as responsible and inclusive corporate stewards.  

We have six Employee Resource Groups (ERG) that employees are encouraged to join – whether one or all – to engage in networking, identify mentor and sponsorship opportunities, develop professional skills and much more. These employee-led groups empower working together to foster inclusivity, ensure all employees have a voice and create a true sense of belonging. 

Our DEI priorities include the following areas:  

  • Educating employees on shared values and creating an inclusive workplace  
  • Supporting advancement for all and increasing pathways of opportunity for underrepresented groups  
  • Ensuring we have fair and equitable policies for all team members   
  • Attracting highly diverse talent and recruiting with inclusive hiring practices  
  • Creating spaces where everyone belongs and had the opportunity to contribute  
  • Adhering to policies aimed at preventing discrimination and supporting equal opportunity, for both our internal employees and external contract suppliers 
  • Providing employee wellness initiatives and programs  

Light & Wonder also provides growth and development opportunities for employees so they can engage with their communities and invest in their career. We provide internal training opportunities and specialty skills training, programs to promote personal growth and wellness access to local networking events and conference opportunities, to encourage ongoing professional development.

We have an instituted a Code of Business Conduct covering all employees to ensure ethical working practices are utilized across the Company. Policies are in place to prevent discrimination and support Equal Employment Opportunity for our internal employees and external contract suppliers, as well as a strong stance on Affirmative Action.